Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve never done this before. What should I expect?

    At Wild Heart Society, we’re aiming to provide you with the highest quality care - but we do not intend to lose our joy and love of life. Our office is warm, and we’ve been particularly careful to make sure it is a safe environment for our clients. The first time you come, there will likely be some forms to complete and sign (life isn’t complete without a form!) and then we’ll start by getting to know each other, and getting comfortable. We can do that in a number of different ways - it really depends on what works for you. We promise not to give you some truth serum or to dive too far into the deep end of feelings until you’re ready. You lead the way.

  2. Do you write letters for Hormones?

    Mackenzie has been trained in the WPATH standard of care, and subscribes to the best practices of the dutch when it comes to hormone readiness. She does write recommendations for puberty suppression and hormone therapy for adolescents. For more on her process click here.

  3. If I’m i Want to start on Hormones, do my parents have to know?

    Yes. Until you are 18, your parents have to sign off on their children pursuing hormones. If you’re concerned about your parents’ reactions to your gender, or your desire to transition, we totally understand. We can still work with you on coping skills for your gender dysphoria. We would also encourage you to let us talk to your parents. This is a particular area of strength for our team. We love parents, and really want to see families thrive. The best case scenario for transgender individuals is a supportive family, but secret medical interventions won’t get you there. We know this is hard for you, and your parents in totally different ways.

  4. My child says they are Trans. What do I do? I’m not sure I even know what that means.

    First, start with a deep breath, and a little self-love. If you’re not familiar with the trans community, it makes sense that you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around everything. We are here to support you, and your whole family as you navigate this together. Check out our Bookshelf to get some ideas on things to read, or check out one of our groups to connect with other parents in similar situations.